BREAST CANCER TALK OLNEY: Update on risk factors and their relationship to diet and lifestyle

Course description: Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women, and 12% of women will develop this disease. Women tend to believe in a genetic cause for breast cancer, yet only 5%-10% are caused by inherited gene mutations. Several known risk factors for breast cancer exist, and these are influenced significantly by factors under a woman’s control. Unfortunately, women receive practically no sound advice on how to reduce their risk, leaving them no means for preventing this disease. This lecture will bring women up to speed on what the risks for breast cancer are and how to significantly improve their chances for preventing this common cancer. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the American Institute for Cancer Research, a Washington D.C.- based cancer research and education organization.

Speaker Information:Rick Weissinger, M.S., R.D. spent several years reviewing the scientific evidence linking cancer growth to diet and lifestyle, and interviewed cancer researchersfrom all over the world regarding their work on the ways in which commonly eaten foods inhibit cancer growth. The result was the first book that simplifies understanding of cancer growth mechanisms and how these are affected by diet.

All attendees will receive a copy of Rick’s book (What the Experts Say About Food and Cancer).

Seating is limited and requires prior registration:

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Health Care Insurance For Retirement

Notice re upcoming course offered at Montgomery College retirement aheadThis course will address the major components of retiree health care: Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Long-Term Care.

Health care costs typically rise at twice the inflation rate, so the course will also address ways to fund this expense through tax-advantaged plans. You will determine the cost of supplemental coverage, evaluate your ability to pay for health care not covered by federal or state programs, and be able to project your health care expenses.

The target audience for this course is those who are newly retired and those who plan to retire within 10 years.

Tuition waiver applies; seniors pay fee only.

Course: LLI699 5 Hours $60 + $62 fee = $122; Non-Md. residents add $120

Rockville Campus CRN#: 35830

2 Sessions 3/30-4/1 M,W  6:30-9 PM

Registration 240-567-5188


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