Internal Medicine in Olney, Maryland

Are you looking for an internal medicine doctor in the Olney, Maryland area? Olney Medical is committed to providing our patients with quality, patient-centered care. Partner with Dr. Taubman to monitor and manage long-term illnesses and conditions including diabetes and high cholesterol.

What Is an Internist?

An internist is a doctor that specializes in adult medicine. Dr. Taubman specializes in the treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of adult diseases. Don’t mistake him with an intern—Dr. Taubman has over 30 years of experience and has been rated “Top Doc” in Washingtonian and Checkbook magazines.

Complete Care

Dr. Taubman takes pride in caring for his patients in all aspects of their life. Whether you are in the office, a hospital, or a nursing home, Dr. Taubman is involved in all aspects of your healthcare. Our personalized, hands on service is what sets us apart from other doctor’s offices in the Olney area. Our unique practice model makes it possible for us to limit the number of patients we see in our practice. When you choose Olney Medical for internal medicine, we typically address your medical problems with faster wait times and typically see people the same day.

Dr. Taubman and the Olney Medical team can address all your health needs by:

  • Serving as your advocate and “home base” for all medical records and health care decisions.
  • Providing any necessary vaccinations.
  • Referring appointments to specialist doctors, when needed.
  • Performing routine physicals for sports, school, employment, and preventative care.
  • Maintaining a long-term perspective on your health, including risk factors based on personal and family history.
  • Offering cost-effective solutions to help you better manage your medical expenses.

Convenient Care

We want to make interacting with our team as easy as possible, so we developed a client portal where you can send secure messages, pay bills, and request prescriptions online. We also offer online appointment booking to make scheduling a visit that much easier.

If you are interested in learning more about Olney Medical and our internal medicine services, contact us today.