Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is your “unique practice model”?

Answer: We charge a modest fee to be part of our wellness program, which allows us to see half as many patients as other primary care offices. The fee helps to pay for our experienced staff and to provide services that are not typically part of normal insurance benefits. To join our program it costs $90 per quarter for the first person, $60 per quarter for the second, and $30 per quarter for each additional person.  We waive the fee for Medicare patients

Question: Do I need to pay the fee the first time I have an appointment with Dr. Taubman?

Answer: Absolutely not! We want you to be comfortable and confident with your choice to join our wellness program.

Question:  What are the benefits of joining our Olney Medical wellness program?

Answer: First and foremost you get access to one primary care physician, Dr. Edward Taubman, who was once again rated Top Doctor by “Washingtonian Magazine”. Dr. Taubman is an acclaimed diagnostician who takes the time to get to know each and every one of his patients. Paying a small fee each month to be a part of our wellness program ensures that you will get doctor appointments when you need them the most—no more waiting when you’re really sick and need to see the doctor!

We have opted not to be a part of a big health care conglomerate so that when we want to create something unique for our patients, such as screening for the latest cardiac risk factors such s LpA or performing ultrasound in our office right during your exam, we can.

Question: What is the staff like at Olney Medical?

Answer: We have the friendliest and most competent and efficient office staff you will ever meet.  We are one of the few practices that think that using experienced registered nurses such as Ariane and Rebecca L rather than medical assistants is important in managing your health care. But don’t take our word for it—see what some of your friends and neighbors have to say about their experience at Olney Medical.