Obesity – It’s Not Just About Adults Anymore

food and kidsWe just had our open house for our next multidisciplinary integrative weight loss program which begins on September 29. We heard the testimonials of recent participants who had struggled with weight for most of their lives until we helped them re-engineer their relationship with food and healthy eating.  Hearing their inspiring stories of lifelong struggles and that some had now lost 30 or even 40 pounds through simple changes in diet is exciting for our integrated weight loss team (nutritionist, psychotherapist, chef, yoga/personal trainer, and physician).  Recently, we were approached to create a similar program directed to obese teens and will be working with a local group in Olney to create an effective program for adolescents.

The epidemic of adult and childhood obesity, diabetes, and chronic illnesses makes one question if what we are doing is working.  Like all issues in health and medicine, our nutritional thinking has changed dramatically over the years as our scientific knowledge has advanced.  But, are the servings of the school cafeteria today much different from what you and I grew up with?  This thought-provoking article about a New York Elementary School That Is Changing More Than Meals http://nblo.gs/ZGkeC got me thinking about the right time to teach the next generation about changes in nutritional thinking.  Please read it and then come back and take my poll below to share what you think![polldaddy poll=8298499]

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