Getting older – Managing Exercise Related Aches & Pains

As I get older, now 65, I find that excercise is causing me to get minor injuries. If it isn’t a sore back after yoga then it’s a sore achilles tendon after walking on the treadmill. Other than swimming, what excercises can you suggest that are suitable for a guy who thinks he’s in ok shape?

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  1. Great question – I feel your pain! Will ask our affiliated personal trainer Justin McCary of Origin Fitness to respond.

  2. Hey everyone,

    @kesselkats – Even at age 65, exercise should not be causing you pain and limiting your daily life in any way. I’m a firm believer that pain does not have to be a byproduct of aging. With that being said, there are many ways of looking at a situation such as this.

    I work with many individuals who suffer from chronic lower back pain as well as joint pain. One of the first things I utilize to assess a person is their posture and the way they move while performing certain movements/exercises. What I often find is that these individuals have been stuck in poor postural positions and bad movement patterns for YEARS. This has a profound negative effect on the way the body performs as a system.

    After identifying the issues and locating the source of the problem (the site where you experience pain/discomfort is typically not where the main issue resides), we employ methods to mobilize, stabilize, and strengthen the problem area and the surrounding joints and tissues.

    Once things are brought back into balance, the body can perform more optimally. The goal is to address the problem, not just the symptom. The symptoms should subside once the problem has been treated.

    So my advice to you would be to start performing basic maintenance on yourself. Foam rolling daily for a few minutes and static stretching can help ease tension. Make training your core stability a priority to help with lower back health as well. There are many ways of treating these kinds of issues. It’s my job to figure out how to do it safely and efficiently. I hope this helps!

    Justin McCary Certified Personal Trainer

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