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In most cases – 8 – 8 ounce glasses of water is sufficient for the day (64 ounces) – I am on a weight program and plateaued – it has been suggested that I drink 10 glasses per day – is this safe since I take diuretics?

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  1. “In general our kidneys are very “smart” and will either eliminate or hold on to xtra water as needed to keep our body fluid chemistries in a relatively narrow range. However diuretics by their nature temporarily “poison” that ability (which is how they promote elimination of xtra water and salt). It is conceivable that drinking too much plain water in combination with certain diuretics, particularly those of the thiazide class (hydrochlorthiazide is the most common), as well as other medications such as the sulfonylurea class for diabetes (glipizide, glyburide, amaryl and others) could result in a situation where the concentration of sodium in the body could fall to dangerous levels. It is very unlikely that in your case an xtra two glasses of water per day would cause any problem but having an occasional blood test of “electrolytes” could be reasonable. The role of drinking water in promoting weight loss deserves further comment and I will forward your query to our nutrition and weight loss expert Rick Weissinger for his comment.”

  2. I’m not aware of ANY data indicating that additional water would have any effect. The issue of weight loss plateau has not been adequately studied, but it probably has something to do with your body getting used to (and maybe resistant to) what you’re imposing on it. Continued efforts at caloric reduction and exercise, especially if ‘tweaked’ a bit to elicit a response from your body (i.e., a different exercise regimen or more of it, or a further change in diet) should help break the plateau. We can offer specific suggestions, after taking a look at the records you’re keeping of your food intake and exercise output.

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