Welcome to Dr. Taubman’s Podcast Episode 4: – Ovarian Cancer – Interview with Ovarian Cancer Expert Dr. William McGuire

Ovarian cancer expert William P. McGuire III Medical Director of Inova  Health’s Gynecological Cancer Outreach Program discusses his experience treating ovarian cancer over the past 4 decades.  Topics discussed include:

  • How Dr. McGuire helped discover the role for Taxol in the treatment of ovarian cancer.
  • New developments in the management of ovarian cancer
  • Our understanding of the causes of ovarian cancer
  • What’s on the horizon
  • The role of nutrition in treating ovarian cancer

You can reach Dr. McGuire  to schedule a consultation or second opinion  at 703-970-6545 and ask for Rubi

3289 Woodburn Road Suite 320
Annandale, VA 22003
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